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Emerald Brockert,Aladren
By a thread
Wed May 3, 2017 16:04

So they were going to be with the Muggle Studies class today. Honestly, Emerald couldn't understand why this class wouldn't just be cancelled or made into an independent study. Since Professor Perrault had very irresponsibly left with little notice, a Charms professor was needed. Professor Carter couldn't be everywhere at once-unless she had a time turner which she quite clearly did not or they would not be here- and Charms was an essential class. Therefore Muggle Studies, a non-essential class-there was a reason it was an elective in the first place, should have been cancelled in favor of Charms. This wasn't fair to the Beginning Charms students nor to Professor Carter who was being given too much on her plate.

Besides, from what Emerald gathered most of the people who took Muggle Studies in the first place were halfbloods and Muggleborns who wanted an easy O. Therefore, it was more important for her year group to have regular Charms lessons so they'd actually know how to use magic.

However, at the moment, this was her lot in life. It wasn't as if she morally objected to sitting in the Muggle Studies classroom, it wasn't going to make her want to ditch her upbringing and live among the Muggles just by entering this room. That was a truly ridiculous idea.

Honestly, the worst thing about being here, more so even than the fact that she was getting cheated out of a decent Charms education this term, was that one of the Muggle Studies students was Lily Spencer . One of Emerald's favorite things about being a second year was not having classes with the Pecari! She was doing a very good job most of the time of forgetting the older girl's existance and she didn't appreciate the reminder.

Professor Carter gave her instructions and Emerald furrowed her brow. Groups of two or three and one had to be a Muggle Studies student? Obviously the Professor's workload was getting to her. That just didn't...pan out mathamaticly There were six Muggle Studies students and like twenty or more Charms students. That was groups of five or six Charms students with one Muggle Studies student.

Well, the most important thing was not working with her mortal enemy so Emerald headed to the closest Muggle Studies student who was not Lily. Not that the Aladren had sat anywhere near her in the first place. "Hello, I'm Emerald Brockert, of the Western Brockerts." She introduced herself.

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