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Prof. Isis Carter
Math, cool?! What?![Years III-V]
Fri Jun 2, 2017 23:25

Sonora was completely and desperately understaffed. Isis was, in the logical part of her brain, quite grateful that additional substitutes had been brought in for Charms and the Advanced Defense classes, but she was still running Beginners and Intermediate Defense (which she tried not to think too hard about) and Muggle Studies. And she wasn’t skimping on the work load, either, assigning plenty of homework, if not only for the reason of further loading herself. She wanted to be busy. The less time she had to sit around and think about how empty the staff room looked and how empty her life felt now that both Amelle and Alfie were gone. (Alfie, who was arguably the person she trusted most in the world, the person who truly and deeply seemed to understand her. Gone.)

At least Muggle Studies was fun. It was the position she had initially wanted when she sent her credentials to the school. The substitute thing had just sort of happened, really. And while it was easy to drop an elective in favor of giving her some free time (that she didn’t really want), but she refused to allow Sonora to do away with such an important class. Muggle Studies mattered. Some of the lessons, like today’s, admittedly, were a bit trivial, but many of them were important. Most people would never need to brew a potion to make their hair stand on ends, but to be a well-rounded and empathetic person, they needed to know about their fellow man. If anything, Isis wished Muggle Studies was an all-years, mandatory class.

Today, they were continuing their unit on the wonders of the internet. Isis had been careful to keep them away from the, uh, less appropriate sections of it - safesearch was definitely on all the computers, a row of desktops charmed to still function and browse online within Sonora’s walls - which was really no easy task.

“Because we’ve been doing such a good job on learning how to use the Internet for research purposes, we’re going to have a bit of fun today. I’d like you all to type in ‘w-w-w dot cool math dash games dot com’. It’s a website that many Muggle kids spend a decent amount of time using, especially in classes where other websites with games may be blocked but they’ve completed their assignment. It’s also pretty low level, so it’s popular among younger children.”

“Go ahead and play some educational games for class today, and when we next meet, we’ll wrap up our chapter on the Internet by discussing the dangers of wikipedia. For now, enjoy.”

OOC: is a real website. I used to play on it when I was a kid, and then, as Isis described, in high school on school computers. Haha. Have fun!

    • Defeated by a flash gameBen Pierce, Wed Jul 19 12:24
      Ben looked doubtfully at his Head of House. Really? Her idea of fun on the internet was math games? One of the best things about coming to Sonora was that he didn't have to do math anymore. At least... more
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