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Ben Pierce
Defeated by a flash game
Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:24

Ben looked doubtfully at his Head of House. Really? Her idea of fun on the internet was math games? One of the best things about coming to Sonora was that he didn't have to do math anymore. At least it wasn't another day of research, though.

Research wasn't exactly fun either, but he was surprised at how useful this course was turning out to be. He'd taken it as an easy O course - he'd been raised in a muggle neighborhood and went to a muggle elementary school so he'd figured he already knew all there was to know about muggles. Turned out, he was wrong. It still wasn't hard or anything, but he had left the muggle school system before they started handing out many research papers, so until now internet searching for him had mostly been a matter of finding sports plays on youtube. He figure being able to look up other stuff and find reliable sources would probably come in handy somewhere along the line.

Handy, yes, but not fun. A break from research was appreciated, even if it was just some dumb flash games about math.

So he typed in the given url and waited a moment for it to load, and then started scrolling down the options.

"Basket and ball" looked promising so he clicked that one first. It was a dumb flash game, but the math in it wasn't overly irritating but the ball popping spikes were. He got stuck on level four until he out stubborned it, but the next level with a trampoline and spikes was too much and he quit out.

"Which one did you try?" he asked his neighbor, not quite ready to dive into a new one yet. "The basket ball one is a bust."

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    • Defeated by a flash game — Ben Pierce, Wed Jul 19 12:24
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