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Tess Whittaker
Fri Jul 21, 2017 14:22

It was baking club time, and Tess was very excited for this week’s plan. Laila’s commitment to the club had dropped, so Tess was managing it alone, and she wasn’t finding it as hard as she’d thought. When they’d taken over from Atlas, at the end of her second year, Tess had been relieved that she wouldn’t be the only one responsible for the club’s success. But she was nearing the end of fourth year now, and was much more confident.

She greeted all her members as they came in, glad to see all the familiar faces and, as always, hoping for some new ones. She liked to keep baking club fairly casual, with no need to commit. It was nice to bake something even if it was just every now and then, she always found, and Tess tried to make sure there wasn’t a large amount of skill needed to participate.

“Today we’re going to be making macarons,” she announced, handing out the recipe, which she’d copied multiple times (magic was definitely helpful sometimes!). “Now, I know that sounds daunting, but they’re not as hard as you might imagine. The recipe I’ve got here is actually fairly simple, and they taste absolutely gorgeous!”

The recipe was an old one of her grandmother’s. Tess’s grandmother was an inspiration for quite a few baking sessions, as the two had often baked together back when Tess was younger. Even today, the taste of macarons made her think of her grandparents’ house, and made her half-wish she was back in England.

“Before we get going, I just want to remind you that we’re signed up to make refreshments for the midsummer concert. If you want to help with that, or have ideas for something we could make, please let me know!”

With that, she let everyone get started, letting them know to ask her if they wanted a hand, and started preparing her own egg whites. Resisting the urge to daydream about Ben (a worryingly frequent occurrence these days), she turned to the person working nearest to her. “I can’t believe it’s almost the end of term,” she commented, always enjoying making conversation whilst baking. “Have you got anything planned for the summer?”

OOC: Welcome to baking club, everyone, and feel free to join in even if it’s only a one-off for your character. A fairly easy recipe for macarons can be found here:

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