webmaster 402
problems with archive remain
Sat May 17, 2014 11:13

hi all,
my problems with the archive of my newsletter remain: the search of the archive still responds with a "page not found" warning
the facebook situation is fixed and by clicking you are forwarded to the newsletter but still canīt use the archive search, can anybody help me with this?

  • problems with the archivewebmaster 402, Sun May 11 09:28
    hi all, my archive seems to be having problems, when people click on a newsletter they get a "page not found" notice, same as with the post on facebook that I just activated did anything change on... more
    • problems with archive remain — webmaster 402, Sat May 17 11:13
    • Re: problems with the archiveTamara, Mon May 12 06:55
      Could you give us the URL of your archive so we can look in to it? We have corrected the Facebook issue.
      • Re: problems with the archivewebmaster 402, Tue May 13 17:24
        Hi Tamara, the URL is http://mail.yourwebapps.com/archive.cgi?list=65673 thanks for looking in to it
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