My News app maintaince Page
Thu Aug 3, 2006 00:46

Is giving me problems, I am unable to make any changes
(Such as appearance, Colors etc) as the Buttons on the bottom of the screen don't work

what can I do?

    • Works for meSean Brunnock, Thu Aug 3 05:35
      I was able to modify your NewsApp using your maintenance page. Which browser are you using?
    • PS:Hyunki, Thu Aug 3 00:49
      My ID number is: http://server.com/WebApps/NewsApp/news-read.cgi?profile=8536 and I want to apply a style sheet also, do I use the introduction to do this in?
      • style sheetsSean Brunnock, Thu Aug 3 05:37
        We have documentation regarding on NewsApp style sheet hooks at http://server.com/Misc/HTML/newsapps.html .
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