Sun Nov 12, 2006 10:58

I'm using IE 6 and I'm accessing the maintenance page directly through a bookmark.

  • Re: Nope-- still the same (NT)Sean Brunnock, Sun Nov 12 08:02
    Can you tell me which browser you're using? Also, are you accessing your maintenance page through the Control Center or are you accessing it directly with a URL?
    • answer — SUZANNE, Sun Nov 12 10:58
      • Some progressSUZANNE, Sun Nov 12 10:59
        The "graph" template seems to work okay, not the gray-- I'll have to get back to you...I'm in the middle of something.
        • but...SUZANNE, Sun Nov 12 11:00
          My external style sheet does not work. Could be my end, I've never done this before.
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