ID number
Mon Apr 10, 2006 05:16

What is the ID number of your NewsApp?

  • Page Not FoundPW, Mon Apr 10 03:28
    When my RSS feed loads, everything seems fine until you click on a link. Then you go to a Page Not Found and the Server.com page. The problem seems to be in the link which adds a... more
    • ID number — Tamara, Mon Apr 10 05:16
      • ID #PW, Mon Apr 10 05:35
        7889 as in http://server.com/WebApps/NewsApp/news-read.cgi?profile=7889
        • Which newsfeed?Sean Brunnock, Mon Apr 10 05:56
          I just checked your NewsApp and the links appear to be OK. I'm guessing that one of the channels you subscribed to returns relative URLs and your browser, by default, assumes it's linking to... more
          • YahooPW, Tue Apr 11 04:28
            I've taken off Yahoo. That seemed to be the problem. Thanks.
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