Sean Brunnock
Re: Updates are slow at night
Fri Jan 12, 2007 06:09

We categorize feeds by how frequently they update- frequent, daily, and infrequent. We scan the frequent feeds each hour throughout the night, but we only scan the slower feeds during the day. This, hopefully, prevents news items from infrequently updated feeds from getting buried by the more prolific feeds.

  • Updates are slow at nightSUZANNE, Thu Jan 11 23:31
    I noticed that updates are slow at night, especially after midnight. I have 110 blog feeds-- I can't believe NONE of them have posted anything for an-hour-and-a-half. Is the NewsApp programmed to not ... more
    • Re: Updates are slow at night — Sean Brunnock, Fri Jan 12 06:09
      • I don't like this systemSUZANNE, Mon Jan 29 00:13
        The problem with the system as it stand is that there are NO updates between eleven pm and 6 am. That doesn't work for me. I want updates all night long, especially since bloggers tend to be night... more
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