Linking off site
Mon Jun 23, 2008 19:16

Thanks for the reply and my apologies, I thought I was clear. Yes, I'm interested in including a selection of articles for people to view when they visit my site. But I don't want them to leave my site in order to do so. The point is for them to come to MY site for the content. Otherwise I can just add in links telling them to go to CNN and find travel news, so why should they visit me?

Typically when you visit most websites, if they have links to any outside content, the link opens up in a window WITHIN that website, it does not navigate away from the site. Anyone that does not do it this way is giving visitors a free ticket to leave.

I'm guessing this is not possible with this application, since I cannot find any way to code for this. But since I'm trying this for the first time and test driving your/their product, I thought I'd be clear first.



  • Re: News Apps - Link off Support, Mon Jun 23 07:32
    I don't think I understand. The NewsApp has links to articles. When you click on the link, you go to the article. What do you want to do differently?
    • Linking off site — va85, Mon Jun 23 19:16
      • Re: Linking off Support, Tue Jun 24 04:09
        Yes, I'm interested in including a selection of articles for people to view when they visit my site. We don't provide original content nor do we provide news syndication services. If you want to copy ... more
        • Linking Off Siteva85, Tue Jun 24 21:54
          This may be a moot point now, but just to illustrate my point earlier, if you click on this link for Slate, you'll see as you scroll down and to the right that there is additional content provided -- ... more
          • Re: Linking Off SiteTamara, Wed Jun 25 05:56
            Actually, when I click on the Newsweek articles, it navigates away from Slate to Newsweek's site. I think what you are asking for is when someone clicks on an article in the NewsApp aggregator is for ... more
            • Linking off siteVinnie Apicella, Wed Jun 25 07:12
              Yes, that's exactly what I've been asking for. Thank you for recognizing this. No one is going to want visitors to their site to click on a link and navigate away -- they want them to be able to... more
              • Re: Linking off Support, Wed Jun 25 08:32
                Dear Mr. Apicella, I have implemented the feature that you requested. If you go to your NewsApp widget maintenance page, there's a checkbox labeled "Open link in new window". If you enable it, then... more
                • News Articles....Apicella, Wed Jun 25 22:40
                  Sean, Thanks for the update and willingness to check into this and find a solution. I have checked out the widget and it seems to function fine. I'm sorry I did not make this clearer early on, but I... more
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