Vinnie Apicella
Linking off site
Wed Jun 25, 2008 07:12

Yes, that's exactly what I've been asking for. Thank you for recognizing this. No one is going to want visitors to their site to click on a link and navigate away -- they want them to be able to click the link, open a new window to view the article.

Is this or can this be made possible through your service?

  • Re: Linking Off SiteTamara, Wed Jun 25 05:56
    Actually, when I click on the Newsweek articles, it navigates away from Slate to Newsweek's site. I think what you are asking for is when someone clicks on an article in the NewsApp aggregator is for ... more
    • Linking off site — Vinnie Apicella, Wed Jun 25 07:12
      • Re: Linking off Support, Wed Jun 25 08:32
        Dear Mr. Apicella, I have implemented the feature that you requested. If you go to your NewsApp widget maintenance page, there's a checkbox labeled "Open link in new window". If you enable it, then... more
        • News Articles....Apicella, Wed Jun 25 22:40
          Sean, Thanks for the update and willingness to check into this and find a solution. I have checked out the widget and it seems to function fine. I'm sorry I did not make this clearer early on, but I... more
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