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I don't want a theocracy.
Thu Dec 9, 2010 09:28

Dang, but the ultra religious right want to create one. They don't like alcohol drinking -- let's pass laws and keep our hometown dry. But if THEY want to drink, that's OK, but nobody else should do it. They claim that they believe in the Right to Life, but they so inflame their followers that some poor idiot goes out and kills a doctor that performs abortions. It goes on and on. I surprised they don't try to pass a law that only members of their church can be voting citizens. I think these people are just as dangerous as any terrorists anywhere. JMO, of course.

    • Where do you live? (nm)Smartin, Thu Dec 30 21:13
    • Me, either.Poppet, Thu Dec 16 11:34
      Complete separation of church and state is the best way to ensure religious freedom for everyone . Ethical principles deriving from religion can (and will) still find their way into the law, and... more
      • I am really stumped by this. Smartin, Thu Dec 30 21:15
        Except for the infrequent, and yet highly mediated treatment of such cases, I have almost no exposure to anything like this and I'm a member of the community you're blaming? I mean, WTF?
      • I certainly agree. (nm)OldCM, Fri Dec 17 19:29
      • I Am Amazed At Times...Uru Hammer, Fri Dec 17 10:18 the blindness of those who don't seem to understand that this separation of church and state is for their protection. They seem to think that their faith is somehow superior and should be... more
        • I swear I don't believe you.
          • When You Are Part Of A Minority...Uru Hammer, Tue Jan 4 08:24
            ...when it comes to religion, it becomes very obvious. Of course, I am west of GR, and it just gets more conservative/Christian the farther you go. Uru
        • But as has been said, "the only constant is change." They're just not thinking it through. Well, that, or they simply presume that (their version of) God will see to it that they don't get oppressed. ... more
          • Uh, whatever. Smartin, Thu Dec 30 21:17
            Honestly, I can't even believe this because I have no exposure, whatsoever, to the people in MY community, of whom you're speaking?
            • Most Of The Time...Uru Hammer, Tue Jan 4 08:28
     would not see anything that would clue you in - because most of the time, their assumptions go unchallenged. But have a school board told by a judge to stop holding prayers before the weekly... more
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