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Fri Dec 10, 2010 19:49

I have heard many stories of people dying seeing family members who had already died, or Jesus, or whoever. I think science has pretty well squashed those stories with their dying brain theory. I have actually seen several people die (unfortunately) and not one had any kind of an experience they could communicate. So, I don't think there is an afterlife and that is just something religions have dreamed up to attract membership. After all, everyone wants to live forever, but nobody ever does. :)

  • Dude ...Mondo Fuego™, Fri Dec 10 18:29
    ... just as you could not observe or see any evidence of life until you were born ... you cannot observe or see any evidence of an afterlife until ... well ... until after life. Hope this clears up... more
    • LOL. — OldCM, Fri Dec 10 19:49
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