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Indeed we did.
Fri Dec 17, 2010 16:27

Some of the worst (frank, bauer, et al) are still going strong, too... =\

It kind of amazes me that I'm still involved in this loose meta-community. I'm not one for long term participation in (most) things.

  • TrueOldCM, Fri Dec 17 12:16
    We had a lot of trolls and goons back on MSNBC's R&E, as I recall.
    • Indeed we did. — Poppet, Fri Dec 17 16:27
      • when you posted as "Apriori" and signed inside as "Sara"... I was always impressed with your quick wit, insights and knowledge (and still am :-) Back then, you were so "calm & collected" using... more
        • Oh, I'm not saying that a good chunk of the vitriol wasn't real. It was. But not nearly as much of it as the "claws out" persona I was displaying for a couple of years would make one believe. There... more
          • (-; Thanks for explaining... that makes senseSiã☀©, Wed Dec 22 01:23
            and I agree... For me it was a similar kind of thing... Being pig~piled by folks who believed lies about me and who would not entertain the idea that it was not me who was lying, but their friends... more
      • True enough.OldCM, Fri Dec 17 16:45
        Especially about fank and Bauer. As for the involvement thingy, well, I've been with my partner for 19 years. So I guess I'm kind of committed -- to him, that is. :)
        • But that's unpossible!Poppet, Fri Dec 17 17:06
          "Those people" never have relationships that last... /rolleyes Hearty congratulations to you two! It's hard enough for anyone to stick it out through thick and thin, but when a big (if happily... more
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