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and I hope she had no reason to fear it...
Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:32

as in, I hope her passage was uneventful rather than tumultuous...

My Mum's passage from here to there was unbearable harsh... Particularly for a woman who was so kind, gentle, and loving to all... Not a mean bone in her body... There's no "justice" in death... it simply is what it is and the best we can hope for is an uneventual, quick death with just enough time to say goodbye or to at least leave nothing important unsaid...

  • Like my mother said to me ...OldCM, Fri Dec 17 10:31
    ... two months before she died, "I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of what I might have to go through to get there from here."
    • and I hope she had no reason to fear it... — Siã☀©, Sat Dec 18 12:32
      • Who knows?OldCM, Sat Dec 18 15:13
        As she had requested, she died in the same hospice where my Dad died in 2006. They kept her pretty much drugged up on morphine and some other medication. But what went on in her mind? Who knows? I... more
        • how muddled she was... The confusion brought on by the heavy meds bothered her almost as much as the pain... She was a tiny woman, 4'9" tall and barely 95 lbs yet they gave her dosages that would... more
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