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I remember my Mum kept saying that she was troubled by
Sun Dec 19, 2010 00:50

how muddled she was... The confusion brought on by the heavy meds bothered her almost as much as the pain... She was a tiny woman, 4'9" tall and barely 95 lbs yet they gave her dosages that would make an elephant stagger...

That's one complaint I've long had with how doctors prescribe for the elderly... What I've witnessed is that they neglect to take their age into account, overmedicate, then prescribe soemthing to take care of the side effects, & something for that, and so on... when simply cutting the dosages in half will often do the trick without all the rest of the garbage they give 'em to offset the side effects... I had them reduce my Mum's pain meds (with her approval) to find the point where she was reasonably pain free but also clear-headed... We found it at right about the half-way mark so they cut the meds in half and until the very end, at least her mind was clear and lucid... It upset her so much to suddenly realize that she didn't know her own telephone number or where she lived... and would forget what she was thinking in mid sentence... that made so much difference to her... It's those little things that help... all the small comforts that loving family can give...

  • Who knows?OldCM, Sat Dec 18 15:13
    As she had requested, she died in the same hospice where my Dad died in 2006. They kept her pretty much drugged up on morphine and some other medication. But what went on in her mind? Who knows? I... more
    • I remember my Mum kept saying that she was troubled by — Siã☀©, Sun Dec 19 00:50
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