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I'm with you...
Sun Dec 19, 2010 07:39

with respect to the possibility of reincarnation, at least as a life energy. When I was influenced (as a child) by Japanese, they sort of instilled in me the idea that once we are human, we will always be human in some way. Plus, as I recall, they believed it was our personal choice to return or not. Might be Shinto -- I don't recall the technical specifics, but rather just some of the "lore."

I think children have a hard time accepting that something -- a soul -- that was once here and influential can just go away. I know I always did. I could understand death, but I couldn't understand how there could be an utter and absolute end.

Of course, when you are four or five and watching them wring the necks of chickens for Sunday dinner, the idea of dying gets pretty close to home!

  • and reincarnation seems to make the most sense to me. Not the classical, I was once Cleopatra type of reincarnation, but more of my energy and matter will someday help make up some other living... more
    • Excellent answer for you son!Siã☀©, Sat Dec 18 12:22
      When my girls were wee lasses, I still believed in the Christian "heaven" of some form or another... I never believed in a heaven where we all had our little homes and families and connected the same ... more
      • Thank you, Sia. Moraith, Sun Dec 19 20:56
        It's understandable that anyone would want to hold on to the notion of seeing loved ones who have crossed over. I don't believe that death can ever destroy those we love. As long as they are... more
      • YOUR son... ugh (nm)Siã☀©◔̯◔, Sat Dec 18 12:24
    • I don't know ...OldCM, Fri Dec 17 10:29
      ... if I am looking forward to being a cockroach or a wasp or a rattlesnake. I think your answer to your son's questions is admirably honest.
      • Thank youMoraith, Fri Dec 17 10:39
        I don't believe in coddling him needlessly, but at the same time, I have no desire to scare the bejeebus out of him or worry him needlessly. If we're going to be "reborn" as insects or snakes, I... more
    • My Little Boy Is 4, As Well...Uru Hammer, Fri Dec 17 10:13
      ...and went thru a period of morbid fascination. I think it was his first understanding of death, at least to some extent. What I thought was important was to make sure that fear was not a part of... more
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