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I remember you from way back on Opinion MSNBC board
Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:52

when you posted as "Apriori" and signed inside as "Sara"... I was always impressed with your quick wit, insights and knowledge (and still am :-)

Back then, you were so "calm & collected" using witticisms to hit any negative targets without so much as a mild curse... Thus, when I "re-met" you again on these boards as a highly charged, easily angered, passionately opinionated poster who didn't mince words when facing down an opponent and THEN realized you were the same gal I "knew" from OBB, I wondered whatever happened that changed you from so relaxed & calm into the wild-woman of passionate opinions who'd slay an opponent in a barrage of fierce & targeted words... (ha ha ha, pardon the dramatic description, I admire your ability to slay an enemy so handily but abhor the NEED for it) But now, since WWLLD, I see the "old Apriori" again using your newly adopted philosphy of dealing with folks on bbs...

So, what DID happen that allowed the release of the angry side? Or did I just never see the impassioned intensity released back then because it was politics, something you care little about? Or is it still there but under control because you've tamed it?

Just curious is all...

Curious because, I should note that a similar thing happened with me as far as cyber-personality & behavior changes... I was always intense and opinionated, but extremely gentle & a "peacemaker" rather than rude or loud or partisan or angry until meeting up with some "evil" trolls & troublemakers & other cyber-bullies who set off a long hidden, previously believed under control hair-trigger temper that I suddenly didn't seem to be able to control or withhold back then... It took awhile & some soul-searching for answers as to WTF did any of this matter enough to flip out over, and so NOW I have a solid grip and handle on that awful temper I'd rather not have--- thankfully!

  • Indeed we did.Poppet, Fri Dec 17 16:27
    Some of the worst (frank, bauer, et al) are still going strong, too... =\ It kind of amazes me that I'm still involved in this loose meta-community. I'm not one for long term participation in (most)... more
    • I remember you from way back on Opinion MSNBC board — Siã☀©, Sun Dec 19 12:52
      • Oh, I'm not saying that a good chunk of the vitriol wasn't real. It was. But not nearly as much of it as the "claws out" persona I was displaying for a couple of years would make one believe. There... more
        • (-; Thanks for explaining... that makes senseSiã☀©, Wed Dec 22 01:23
          and I agree... For me it was a similar kind of thing... Being pig~piled by folks who believed lies about me and who would not entertain the idea that it was not me who was lying, but their friends... more
    • True enough.OldCM, Fri Dec 17 16:45
      Especially about fank and Bauer. As for the involvement thingy, well, I've been with my partner for 19 years. So I guess I'm kind of committed -- to him, that is. :)
      • But that's unpossible!Poppet, Fri Dec 17 17:06
        "Those people" never have relationships that last... /rolleyes Hearty congratulations to you two! It's hard enough for anyone to stick it out through thick and thin, but when a big (if happily... more
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