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So far, my boy hasn't asked about either my husband or me
Sun Dec 19, 2010 20:15

dying, but as we have already made the necessary arrangements, it would simply be a matter of explaining those details to him. I hope that when the day comes that he does ask, I'll be ready to talk to him appropriately.

We haven't even thought to replace our deceased pet. My husband and I got him shortly before we married in '98 and we couldn't imagine getting another pet so soon. We talk about him, our favorite memories, etc, pretty often, but not all the time. (If that makes sense?). We had our cat cremated and allowed his remains to be placed in a memorial park that our SPCA was to build this past Spring. We have no intention of going to the memorial park, as neither my husband and I believe that going to a cemetery, etc makes any sense. We have pictures and our memories and we talk to our son about how people and pets live on in our memories, therefor they are always with us.

I treasure every day with him and they do go by too quickly. We've made salt dough ornaments for our tree, strung popcorn for garland and tomorrow, we're going to make a face for our tree. He likes our tree to have a hat, eyes, nose and a mouth. I'll post a pic when it is finally finished. :)

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