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Thank you, Sia.
Sun Dec 19, 2010 20:56

It's understandable that anyone would want to hold on to the notion of seeing loved ones who have crossed over. I don't believe that death can ever destroy those we love. As long as they are remembered, they still live on, even in something so benign as a recipe handed down through the generations. I think that you pretty much hit the nail on the head, in that the our need for attachment to those we love, who have died (as well as our own fear of death) inspired the beliefs of heaven, reincarnation or whatever belief of an afterlife. I don't feel that this, though, was what lead to humanity's belief in a Higher Power, at least not in and of itself ;)
My own personal belief is that we do carry something with us from a previous life/existence. To me, this explains those strong reactions we have upon meeting someone. The essence within them is somehow connected to us, possibly from that previous lifetime, for good or for bad.

... made individual ONLY when it is within a package of flesh... otherwise, it goes back to the whole... like water does... it flows together and mixes... but if separated, it's not part of the whole...

I agree, wholeheartedly, with the above. :)

  • Excellent answer for you son!Siã☀©, Sat Dec 18 12:22
    When my girls were wee lasses, I still believed in the Christian "heaven" of some form or another... I never believed in a heaven where we all had our little homes and families and connected the same ... more
    • Thank you, Sia. — Moraith, Sun Dec 19 20:56
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