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Uru Hammer
Initial Flurry Of Activity...
Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:59

...followed by settling in and waiting.


We are still trying to get the smoke smell out of the house. That is not going as well as we had hoped. I really REALLY hope that the cleaning crew does not have to come back out and clean more rooms - carpet, furniture, etc.

And we have this strange thing that keeps happening. I have one item that seems to be attracting smoke. A new TV. And it isn't even on the same floor as where the fire was! I have cleaned it off twice now, and after a few days, it starts to get this white coating on the frame of the screen, on hard plastic. My wife is sure that it is smoke residue, but I am not so sure.

Other than that, things are going well.


  • Glad to hear it... (0;Siã☀©◔̯◔, Sat Dec 18 01:20
    How's the repairs on your home going?
    • Initial Flurry Of Activity... — Uru Hammer, Mon Dec 20 10:59
      • Have you spoken with firemen about it?Siã☀©, Wed Dec 22 01:12
        They might know... A little trick to get rid of anything that smells offensive... WHITE VINEGAR in an open bowl set in the room will grab the odors so that you can't smell it...
        • We Have A Professional Clean Up Crew...Uru Hammer, Thu Dec 23 10:44
          ...handling everything from repairing the structural damage to the house all the way down to washing the clothes to get the smell out. :-) They gave us options on removing the smokey smell. One was... more
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