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Uru Hammer
Human Space Exploration - Mars
Tue Dec 21, 2010 09:23

If a private enterprise sought to send humans to Mars, what do you think the reaction would be from NASA and from various governments of the world?

Would you support the idea of a one-way trip to Mars as a mission profile? This is not a suicide mission, but rather a mission where initially, no return flight is scheduled. Instead, supplies would precede and follow the astronauts, and their return would be figured out later as part of a future mission.

There are people who are willing to go to Mars under such a mission profile. I think it is time we got them there.

I understand that a nuclear pulse drive - illegal due to treaties concerning nuclear weapons in space - could get us to Mars in weeks as opposed to months. Should we stick to the spirit of the treaties rather than the letter, and use a nuclear pulse drive (since we would not be using the nuclear "bombs" as weapons, but rather as a form of propulsion)?


    • How would they profit? Are you talking about paying customers? NASA doesn't own Mars. As far as I know, no one has claimed to own Mars. I think the only objection would be that it seems dangerous.... more
    • Why not?OldCM, Tue Dec 21 11:52
      If people are willing go under those circumstances, why not let some corporation send them. I would really like to "volunteer" ray and tinfoil, though.
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