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Uru Hammer
Imagine Owning The Only Working Mars Spaceport...
Tue Dec 21, 2010 16:34

...available to any space agency that wants to use it, for a fee.

I could see private enterprise hustling out there and setting up a station, maybe on one of Mars' moons or in orbit, accompanied by a small ground base. Hell, you could actually do a space elevator on Mars without having most of the environmental concerns that you have on Earth. Set that up, and you not only make it easier and cost effective for everyone to visit Mars (i.e. NASA and other space agencies), but you can rake in a hefty profit, too.


  • How would they profit? Are you talking about paying customers? NASA doesn't own Mars. As far as I know, no one has claimed to own Mars. I think the only objection would be that it seems dangerous.... more
    • Imagine Owning The Only Working Mars Spaceport... — Uru Hammer, Tue Dec 21 16:34
    • Above post was by me.Ken C, Tue Dec 21 12:56
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