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Honestly? It was more roleplaying than real.
Tue Dec 21, 2010 21:06

Oh, I'm not saying that a good chunk of the vitriol wasn't real. It was. But not nearly as much of it as the "claws out" persona I was displaying for a couple of years would make one believe. There was that whole long feud with Mondo...but that was more a result of being a bit angry than the cause of it.

There was something of a "trigger incident," and as it occurred online (in these forums, in fact), most of the fallout happened here, too. My realworld persona was largely unaffected, although in retrospect, I was a bit more "difficult" than even my usual touchy self. Not real sure I want to get into any but the most superficial details (as it is literally impossible to make the situation right: more than one person involved is dead), I got jumped by people I thought liked me. The right response would have been Luna-like calm and understanding. Ah, hindsight!

We're in the same boat as regards trolls and assholes, I think. We know what the best course of action is, but it sometimes feels like giving them a victory to just ignore them. Unfortunately, the opposite is true: they win when you deign to notice their existence. Nothing hurts them worse than paying no attention to them.

I think you have done a far better job of maintaining your equilibrium than I did, pre-WWLLD, anyway. Always admired that...

  • when you posted as "Apriori" and signed inside as "Sara"... I was always impressed with your quick wit, insights and knowledge (and still am :-) Back then, you were so "calm & collected" using... more
    • Honestly? It was more roleplaying than real. — Poppet, Tue Dec 21 21:06
      • (-; Thanks for explaining... that makes senseSiã☀©, Wed Dec 22 01:23
        and I agree... For me it was a similar kind of thing... Being pig~piled by folks who believed lies about me and who would not entertain the idea that it was not me who was lying, but their friends... more
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