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(-; Thanks for explaining... that makes sense
Wed Dec 22, 2010 01:23

and I agree... For me it was a similar kind of thing... Being pig~piled by folks who believed lies about me and who would not entertain the idea that it was not me who was lying, but their friends who were lying... I guess it boils down to allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in "friendships" with posters we REALLY don't know and who sometimes turn on us in an instant, for no reason that we can fathom... and too often, out of the blue...

I have a bad habit/tendency to dare to go where angels fear to tread... and, naturally, get bitten for it at times... but I'm learning to wear taller boots with steel toes... (giggle) No, seriously, I'm becoming more wary of everything and everyone as well as less and less "open" because folks I also thought were friends, weren't.

  • Oh, I'm not saying that a good chunk of the vitriol wasn't real. It was. But not nearly as much of it as the "claws out" persona I was displaying for a couple of years would make one believe. There... more
    • (-; Thanks for explaining... that makes sense — Siã☀©, Wed Dec 22 01:23
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