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Uru Hammer
We Have A Professional Clean Up Crew...
Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:44

...handling everything from repairing the structural damage to the house all the way down to washing the clothes to get the smell out.


They gave us options on removing the smokey smell. One was an ozone treatment of the house. It takes 24 hours, and the house has to be empty of living creatures. Another option was UV air cleaners. They are little fan boxes with UV lights in them. We had those for about a week. They took them back recently. There has been much improvement, but there is still a smokey smell.

We may end up going with the ozone treatment. We'll have to see.


  • Have you spoken with firemen about it?Siã☀©, Wed Dec 22 01:12
    They might know... A little trick to get rid of anything that smells offensive... WHITE VINEGAR in an open bowl set in the room will grab the odors so that you can't smell it...
    • We Have A Professional Clean Up Crew... — Uru Hammer, Thu Dec 23 10:44
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