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Thu Dec 23, 2010 15:48

I use photobucket, as you probably figured out. I have one account with for my online persona, so as to not share more personal info than I'm comfortable with. ;)
I hope that you feel up to sharing pics, OldCM. <3

  • I was wondering ...OldCM, Thu Dec 23 15:25
    ... what on-line picture sharing site I could/would use. The properties of your picture gave me the clue I needed. Thank you very much. Now OldCM can share pictures -- if I feel like it. :)
    • LOL — Moraith, Thu Dec 23 15:48
      • Already tried it.OldCM, Thu Dec 23 16:05
        On Practice HTML Board from R&E board. I'm glad that they provide the HTML link information so I don't have to write all that stuff. :)
        • Cool! Moraith, Thu Dec 23 17:38
          That's one of my favorite features, too. While I know some basic HTML, I always have to look up how to post pics. Cut and paste is so much easier, lol ;)
          • Yes, it was -- in February 2010OldCM, Fri Dec 24 11:57
            And it isn't supposed to do this here in East Texas. But it did last February. Hope it doesn't do it again.
            • Oh my! Moraith, Fri Dec 24 16:33
              That certainly looks more like what I'd see in the mountains of PA and not what I'd expect in East Texas. I hope that you don't see a repeat of that. Yikes!
              • Me, too.OldCM, Fri Dec 24 18:14
                Hope I don't see a repeat of that much snow. We usually see just a dusting of snow and (in the Dallas-Fort Worth area) up to an inch of ice. Don't like snow on the road. And I sure don't like ice on... more
                • I hate ice!Moraith, Fri Dec 24 19:02
                  I'll drive thru 3ft of snow and not blink an eye, but if there's even a hint of ice on the road, I'm sitting at home, lol.
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