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Sweet story... kinda... well, not really... but
Mon Dec 27, 2010 00:08

yeah, it really is... it is sweet because of what you've got to say about your partner and how he's NOT ugly IYO regardless of getting old and scarred up... (-;

I liked that part... yep, I like that a lot... so many shallow people in this world, it's always good to hear from those who aren't... but I'm thinking that I coulda done without the bloody, drippy visual part though... LOL...

In any case, I am glad that he's gonna be all right... and that you've had some nursing experience... but even if you didn't have any hursing experience at all, now yer patching up a loved one, just like us Mum's... So you've got MUM's experience too...

ha ha ha...

  • I'm glad I've had some nursing experience!OldCM, Sun Dec 26 16:05
    My partner bashed himself in the forehead with his car door and cut himself. Blood was dripping off his nose. I had him put pressure on the wound for about 15 minutes, then I applied two butterfly... more
    • Sweet story... kinda... well, not really... but — Siã☀©, Mon Dec 27 00:08
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