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Uru Hammer
New Phone - DroidX
Mon Jan 3, 2011 16:52

I LOVE my new DroidX. I just hit the end of my contract with Centennial/AT&T and was able to shop around and decided on a contract with Verizon. This enabled me to get the DroidX (normally $600) for $200. It also let me get 2 Droid Incredibles (normally $600) for $0.

One went to my wife, the other to my nephew (who is on our calling plan).

My phone syncs up my work/home contacts with my facebook contacts.

It has a fully functional GPS.

It freaking speaks to me to tell me who is calling me when someone calls me.

I can watch my Dish Network programming and recorded shows on the phone.


I love little gadgets.


    • bought Droid 2 in November... love it!Siã☀©◔̯◔, Mon Jan 3 23:18
      got a new gadget today... Android tablet... VERY cool! Runs same as Droid 2 but not as many apps... so far... it runs on wifi which my droid 2 can be turned in to... hot spot is a feature of the... more
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