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Mondo Fuego™
If you have the time ...
Mon Jan 3, 2011 19:21

... this is well worth watching.

What will become of cities like Detroit? Are they silent and insidious harbingers of the future of America? Is the infrastructure of America sustainable, or are we slowly crumbling?

We have gone from an agrarian-based economy to a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy to a technology-and-information-based economy. While the creativity of Silicon Valley is interesting, we cannot exist on laptops, cell phones, x-boxes, video games and software.

The giant agribusiness industry has begun to monopolize the production and distribution of our food, and ownership of the agribusinesses is being diluted by foreign interests. What future is in store for us?

Many of our previously American-based manufacturing companies have become multi-nationals, and they have shifted their capital outlays, production and perhaps loyalties to other countries where labor is cheap and environmental regulations are lax.

A lot of our service-based industries have been outsourced to other countries ... many of the accounting and customer service functions of companies doing business in America have been outsourced to India and other developing nations.

And, now, our technological edge is being challenged by developing nations like China and India. Meanwhile, our heretofore American companies are outsourcing software and high-tech product development to third-world nations. The lucrative Programmer/Analyst job that you may have had once is now being done by a "Punjab Mahadapatti" in Mumbai.

At the same time, we have become a debt-based nation, with little hope of ever getting out of the red. Will the debt eventually erode our freedoms as it is more and more controlled by those who do not necessarily like or respect our freedoms?

We are no longer the leader in education ... we now rank 14th in Reading, 25th in Math and 17th in Science, behind Canada, Australia and even Poland! []

To sum it up: it is not America and Americans holding the debt; our multi-national companies are no longer loyal to America; a huge chunk of the job-providing/wealth-producing manufacturing and service sectors has been outsourced to other developing nations; and, how many of us really know what's happening behind the scene to our food supply long-term?.

Are we losing our edge as a nation? Are we being ostrichs and burying our heads in the sand as our nation around us crumbles? What can we do to reverse our downward trend?,29307,1882089,00.html

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