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Uru Hammer
Most Of The Time...
Tue Jan 4, 2011 08:28 would not see anything that would clue you in - because most of the time, their assumptions go unchallenged.

But have a school board told by a judge to stop holding prayers before the weekly meeting, and suddenly they are firebrands, decrying the loss of their right to practice their faith.

Tell them that the solution is to bring in various faiths to conduct the prayer, and they assume you mean various Christian sects. When the first Wiccan is invited to conduct the prayer, they clamor for the invitation to be rescinded.

These people are all around. I talk to them all the time.


  • Uh, whatever. Smartin, Thu Dec 30 21:17
    Honestly, I can't even believe this because I have no exposure, whatsoever, to the people in MY community, of whom you're speaking?
    • Most Of The Time... — Uru Hammer, Tue Jan 4 08:28
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