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It's easy on the eyes... reminds me of Oct 31 a bit
Tue Jan 4, 2011 17:36

but no assaults on the orbs so it's all good...

Why didja have to delete old threads? Do you pay for the forum and are you charged for bandwidth or was there another reason?

It's a shame about Lurker... so young... so tragic...

  • Welcome To The New ORANGE...Uru Hammer, Mon Jan 3 16:49
    I hope this color combo doesn't take out anyone's vision. I just wanted to finish what I started in reopening the board. As I went back and deleted past threads (up until December '10), I came across ... more
    • It's easy on the eyes... reminds me of Oct 31 a bit — Siã☀©◔̯◔, Tue Jan 4 17:36
      • I Deleted The Threads...Uru Hammer, Wed Jan 5 08:45 have more of a clean break. I am hoping for more new threads to take their places. ;) Reading back into the past, I noticed that she had just gotten a promotion before she found out about the... more
        • Understood... still sad thoughSiã☀©◔̯◔, Thu Jan 6 01:52
          She was so young... and very pretty... I kept hoping that it wasn't real... but I guess it is... )-;
      • And so ...Mondo Fuego™, Tue Jan 4 19:45
        ... sublimely marvelous once you got to know her.
    • Thanks for ...Mondo Fuego™, Mon Jan 3 19:30
      ... the new threads. Looks good. Happy New year. Mondo
    • Wow! Nice!Truthteller, Mon Jan 3 17:50
      Glad to see the board is still up.
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