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On this style of forum, it sucks.
Thu Jan 6, 2011 19:02

On a vbulletin forum (like this), the interface architecture supports "most recent first" very nicely. Each topic has but a single link, and then all the posts display. Very convenient.

On this board's software, however, with each post title displaying for every topic, "most recent first" generates grotesquely-long, annoying to navigate monster threads. It is the overwhelming reason I only occasionally visit the blue CPD politics board. On this style of forum layout, I absolutely despise "most recent first."

  • I Have Been Resistant To That...Uru Hammer, Thu Jan 6 15:43
    ...mostly because it is unfamiliar to me. I think that I personally prefer the threads to be organized by date. But, I may give a whirl. Uru
    • The posts that posters find unibteresting drop to the bottom and off the page, rather than forcing active threads to fall off the edge before they are done. Resulting threads that are more... more
      • Agreed... with one small caveat...Siã☀©◔̯◔, Fri Jan 7 14:39
        It WOULD be nice to have the ability to condense all the thread, especially the gargantuan threads, into TITLES ONLY so that it's not a chore to navigate through if bored by the big thread...
    • Please don't.OldCM, Thu Jan 6 15:53
      I can't find stuff on the Blue Board because it is always moving around. Much prefer it this way myself.
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