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Ken C
These forums can do that too.
Fri Jan 7, 2011 12:55

  • On this style of forum, it sucks.Poppet, Thu Jan 6 19:02
    On a vbulletin forum (like this ), the interface architecture supports "most recent first" very nicely. Each topic has but a single link, and then all the posts display. Very convenient. On this... more
    • These forums can do that too. — Ken C, Fri Jan 7 12:55
      • That layout supports "newest first" a lot better, and it keeps the main page clean and easy to navigate.
      • Hey, I'm going to send this to AJ!Siã☀©, Fri Jan 7 14:21
        That would be a most excellent transformation... I love forums set up like that because the threads are easier to find, to navigate through, to read, and to respond to without sacrificing the ability ... more
        • Here are the related options on the BBS maintenance page: Sort threads in order of: creation or activity Expand threads on index pages? Preview the first message in a thread on the index page?
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