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Uru Hammer
Bleah... Not Sold On The Idea...
Mon Jan 10, 2011 09:50

But I will leave it up this way for a few days, I suppose.


  • Sorry About The Layout - Working On It...Uru Hammer, Mon Jan 10 09:13
    I am trying to implement the suggestion below, on a trial basis. Threads in order of activity, but collapsed to headers, so more threads are visible. Uru
    • Is there an option to have the last replyPureStevil, Thu Jan 13 14:25
      be the text that shows along with the main heading? or maybe the name of the last poster? It would be nice if there were a way to know that not only is there a new reply in a topic, but from whom,... more
    • Just a suggestion ...Mondo Fuego™, Thu Jan 13 13:55
      ... currently displays 25 original threads per page, so showing only the original thread will not get you more threads per page ... just a shorter page. Without being able to see... more
    • Very weird, Hammergreenman, Wed Jan 12 23:10
      I don't know that I like that 'latest on top' thing, either...or do you mean by number of posts to the thread, or something else? .
      • Furthergreenman, Thu Jan 13 22:32
        ..why can't you see what's in each thread without opening the displayed post? What's up with that?
    • I like it.Poppet, Tue Jan 11 15:54
      Yeah, it may take some visual tweaking, but I like this basic architecture. Off course, it's a lot like vbulletin forums, which I'm used to...
    • I like it! Siã☀©, Tue Jan 11 00:37
      but I'll work with whatever you ultimately decide upon...
    • Looks good.Merlin, Mon Jan 10 10:14
      Easier to scan across the currently Page 1 threads, and focus only on those that are of interest and active.
    • Bleah... Not Sold On The Idea... — Uru Hammer, Mon Jan 10 09:50
      • I think it needs a little tweaking...Siã☀©, Fri Jan 14 00:13
        but not sure that the forum offers the tools it needs to tweak it to suit...?? It would be nice to see how many responses are in the thread... but we can all get used to anything... I'm good with... more
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