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Spamming hatred on all boards, now?
Wed Jan 12, 2011 23:08

I'd say it was beneath you, but we both know it's not, don't we?

  • ... check out what is happening in Europe ... and the problem is growing worse daily because the European governments are too chicken sh it to do anything about it: more
    • Spamming hatred on all boards, now? — greenman, Wed Jan 12 23:08
      • So ...Mondo Fuego™, Thu Jan 13 02:11
        ... you condone Mudslimes raping our European bretheren? That's quite a refelction on you that you would condemn me for pointing out atrocities that will soon come to violate your children ... if you ... more
        • Um, Mongogreenman, Thu Jan 13 22:30
          1. WTF are "mudslimes?" 2. WhereTF did I condone rape? You must still be all pissy about me leaving that hideous flameboard of yours behind...(shaking head) Oh, and where'd that "obsession" sheeit... more
          • Anyone citing the notedEurogod., Fri Jan 14 13:24
            racist, white-supremacist, and well-known anti-Islamic blogger "Fjordman" will be held in all sorts of high regard by those who are frightened of or simply hate non-Christians, such as Muslims. Those ... more
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