David F Mayer
What in the heck are you talking about? (nm)
Thu Jan 13, 2011 19:34

  • Gun librariesjobee, Thu Jan 13 05:37
    QuoteReply Even the police Criminals would have no chance, local hotheads no chance, children no chance, everone drawing a gun would be on camera. Even the police would have to draw from the library, ... more
    • What in the heck are you talking about? (nm) — David F Mayer, Thu Jan 13 19:34
      • Calmjobee, Sat Jan 15 11:35
        Back in the UK ten years now, calm, relaxing, havent seen a gun in ten years. Police walk around unarmed. Thats sophistication for you.
        • You have surrendered the right of self-defense.David F Mayer, Sun Jan 16 23:59
          Not much of a victory, as far as I can see. Violent crime is rising in UK. Eventually, the people will demand the restoration of the right of self-defense, which translates in practice to the right... more
          • Guns dont defend.jobee, Mon Jan 17 15:14
            Start a New Post Board|Threaded Author View Entire ThreadComment BOW Jan 17th, 2011 - 3:24 AM QuoteReply True....and guns in homes don't protect the people in them............... According to a study ... more
          • Mass murder on U.S. streetsjobee, Mon Jan 17 06:16
            We have huge population increase in the UK[one of the planets future problems]in relation to this our crime figurs are quite good. Your mass killings on the streets of the US are an embarrassment to... more
            • You still ignore the right of self-defense. (nm)David F Mayer, Mon Jan 17 11:53
              • Leicester leadsjobee, Sat Jan 22 12:37
                I dont refuse you the right to use your brain. Leicester leads on the fight against crime. NEWS - PRESS RELEASES Eminent Inventor of DNA Fingerprinting Gains New Recognition Accolade announced for... more
              • More home security would pay.jobee, Mon Jan 17 15:21
                Repeat According to a study reported in the Journal of Trauma-Injury, Infection and Critical Care in August 1998, "Guns kept in homes are more likely to be involved in a fatal or nonfatal accidental... more
                • NOT when you exclude felons, illegal immigrants, etc.David F Mayer, Mon Jan 17 15:55
                  The fact is that those of us not convicted of felonies, nor in the USA illegally are FAR more likely to use our guns lawfully in self-defense (or defense of family) than to harm family members. In... more
                  • Guns are not home securityJobee, Mon Jan 17 16:08
                    They most certainly are not street security. Gun libraries now. According to a study reported in the Journal of Trauma-Injury, Infection and Critical Care in August 1998, "Guns kept in homes are more ... more
                    • Again, it depends on WHO had it.David F Mayer, Mon Jan 17 20:19
                      In the case of felons, it is ALREADY illegal for them to have them. The rest of us seem not to have the problem. David F Mayer
    • Well, for one thing ...OldCM, Thu Jan 13 13:11
      ... it is 5 miles to my nearest library. Wouldn't do me much good if someone was breaking into my house. As it is, any such intruder will be welcomed with one of my weapons.
      • UK -OKjobee, Sat Jan 15 11:28
        Lived in the US awhile- to many guns about. Its like your all scared of each other, no one trusts anyone. Back in UK ten years, havent seen a gun yet. Police walk about in pairs unarmed-... more
        • You may be afraid of guns. I'm not...Sprout, Wed Jan 19 17:12
          I regularly go places where there are LOTS of guns... As a matter of fact I hang out in places were EVERYONE has one or more guns... And I find THOSE places very relaxing... Everyone is polite,... more
          • Better without guns, move on.jobee, Thu Jan 20 05:28
            Soon, super stunners will take over. Where there are no guns, you dont need gun laws. Bust the banks and gun makers, spend on home security, alarms.video.etc. Use brains to cut crime, not brawn. News ... more
            • They are FANTASY. Nothing more. The day that someone invents the "phaser" from Star Trek that can be set on "stun" and will harmlessly knock someone out for an hour or so, I will buy one and leave my ... more
              • wejobee, Thu Jan 20 13:46
                We are close to creating a good reliable stunner. We will stun you. The same as we did with DNA. Brains always beat brawn. http://www.leicestertigers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=31051
                • How about some shred of proof?Sprout, Thu Jan 20 15:23
                  What company is developing it? What technique is used? How about some FACTS about your "stunner" that you say is "close" to being created. Brains beat brawn IF the one with the brains uses an... more
    • Mind ...Mondo Fuego™, Thu Jan 13 12:31
      ... your own business ... you live in the UK ... you can't even get a library card, dude. LOL PS - crazy idea.
      • Talibanjobee, Sat Jan 15 11:44
        You ask us us to help you fight the Taliban, the taliban had done nothing to us. We gave you a hand. Why didn't you mind your own business. Get that gun mess cleaned up instead of spending bucks on... more
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