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Eating the seed corn
Tue Jan 18, 2011 15:26


We live on a tiny planet in a tiny solar system embedded in a tiny galaxy floating around in a vast sea of similar insignificant stellar structures. We are insignificant and have no purpose other than "to be".

None of us currently living will be around to see what the future holds. This is today, now. This is it. This is all we have.

Look through any microscope and you will see the tiny living creatures busily eating each other, from the Word "Go".

Evolution hasn't taken us beyond that elementary stage. Not yet, anyway. We still "eat the seed corn", which is us, ourselves, each other.

Each of us on this planet contributes in some way to the survival of all, but on the other hand, each of us takes away resources that some other, more deserving person, needs to survive and thus contribute to group survival.

Our ancestors constructed a money system that is used to measure value of contribution, but it has not grown strong enough to measure contributions not measurable in terms of commercial activity.

Are those contributions important that are hidden from measurement by the money system? Well, apparently they are.

Who fights the endless wars at the grunt level? Who are the volunteers at every level? Who stops to help you when your home is flooded?

I could go on, but if you are honest with yourself, you get the idea that we are all interdependent, regardless of the money system which leaves so many humans "out of the loop".

So, I ask our conservative friends: "Do you really want a two class system where some few parasites live behind gated walls while everybody else - including YOU in the long term - only survives in misery from birth until early death?"

Think about it.

    • True.OldCM, Tue Jan 18 15:32
      I particularly liked that last paragraph of the article you posted. Of course, our conservative friends (if there are any) do not consider that to be a possibility. It will dawn on them one day if... more
      • I think my writingcc, Tue Jan 18 19:02
        ...looks better all nice and pretty with newspaper type formatting. If anybody is interested, I can post the HTML to use to make it look like a newspaper. The only special symbols are the less-then,... more
        • Oh, wow !!OldCM, Tue Jan 18 19:09
          That's really neat how you get it to look like an article.
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