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Tue Jan 18, 2011 15:32

I particularly liked that last paragraph of the article you posted. Of course, our conservative friends (if there are any) do not consider that to be a possibility. It will dawn on them one day if they don't stop their headlong stampede into oligarchy. :(

  • Eating the seed corncc, Tue Jan 18 15:26
    EATING THE SEED CORN We live on a tiny planet in a tiny solar system embedded in a tiny galaxy floating around in a vast sea of similar insignificant stellar structures. We are insignificant and have ... more
    • True. — OldCM, Tue Jan 18 15:32
      • I think my writingcc, Tue Jan 18 19:02
        ...looks better all nice and pretty with newspaper type formatting. If anybody is interested, I can post the HTML to use to make it look like a newspaper. The only special symbols are the less-then,... more
        • Oh, wow !!OldCM, Tue Jan 18 19:09
          That's really neat how you get it to look like an article.
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