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I think my writing
Tue Jan 18, 2011 19:02

...looks better all nice and pretty with newspaper type

If anybody is interested, I can post the HTML to use to make
it look like a newspaper. The only special symbols are the
less-then, greater-then symbols.

Actually, we couldn't do this before our host came up with
the "Preview Message" option. That allows editing to clean
up the problems caused by line breaks. That mostly requires
use of the delete key.

  • True.OldCM, Tue Jan 18 15:32
    I particularly liked that last paragraph of the article you posted. Of course, our conservative friends (if there are any) do not consider that to be a possibility. It will dawn on them one day if... more
    • I think my writing — cc, Tue Jan 18 19:02
      • Oh, wow !!OldCM, Tue Jan 18 19:09
        That's really neat how you get it to look like an article.
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