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Here is how to do it (save these instructions)
Tue Jan 18, 2011 20:37


1. Use EDIT to replace parentheses with "less than" and
"greater than" symbols.
2. Push these instructions down tempoarily and type or cut
and paste your message or article.
3. Use ENTER to create new paragraphs.
4. Use DELETE to close up extra space and paragraph breaks.
5. Fiddle around a bit with the "Preview Message" posting
option until you get the hang of it.
6. Practice a little until that famous "learning curve"
concept works in your favor. It is easier than you think.
7. Highlight these instructions with your mouse and delete
8. Use the "Preview Message" posting option for final work.
9, You may need to change the width to look good on
different message boards. They vary, depending on the
features the board administrator uses in the setup.


  • Would you like to self-publish?cc, Tue Jan 18 19:35
    WOULD YOU LIKE TO SELF-PUBLISH? Would you like to format your more serious posts to look like a professional news reporter had written them?
    • Cool... thanks...Siã☀©, Wed Jan 19 23:14
      But what to do about being too wordy? Got any tricks in your bag for that little problem? (-; Seriously though, thank you...
      • "...about being too wordy..."cc, Thu Jan 20 18:26
        * Practice, practice, practice and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite using the "Preview Message" option to see how it looks; * Avoid using the same adjectives twice in a row; * Delete extra words that don't... more
    • Here is how to do it (save these instructions) — cc, Tue Jan 18 20:37
      • Here goes...Siã☀©◔̯◔, Wed Jan 19 23:25
        My first attempt succeeded! Looks like it's not too difficult at all... just remember the html code and to use the / at the end and VOILA... thanks!
        • cool butquentin, Fri Jan 21 22:25
          i am too lazy to even use the shift key. now if its piano keys i have to mess around with, i'm all for it.
        • Very good ...OldCM, Thu Jan 20 13:28
          ... and excellent first attempt! Way too much fiddling for me, though.
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