Hope I never have to find out.
Thu Jan 20, 2011 09:46

I honestly don't know if I could or would. I mean, saying I would not do something under those conditions when I am not in that condition doesn't mean anything.

  • Would You Eat Someone?Uru Hammer, Thu Jan 20 09:29
    If you were starving and lost, and someone else with you died, would you eat them? What if they had not yet died, but you were starving. Would you kill them and eat them? Personally, I don't think I... more
    • I am sure that I would not...Siã☀©◔̯◔, Tue Jan 25 22:18
      but never having been in that situation, I don't know for certain... but I really don't think so... I'm pretty sure I'd vomit if I even thought about it seriously, which would be counterproductive to ... more
    • I don't want to die.Ken C, Sun Jan 23 03:21
      I would eat a dead person. I think it would be fairly easy to eat a dead person. The person is already dead, and I wouldn't want to die. I want to stay alive. I would do what I needed to survive.... more
      • We all want to survive... but once we do, we have to live with what we did.... Siã☀©, Tue Feb 1 20:32
        For me, there are just a few things that are worse than dying that I wouldn't want to have to live with... or so I believe... Never having had to be in that situation, I don't KNOW, I only believe...
    • Yes, probably.Poppet, Thu Jan 20 17:09
      Of course, it's easier to say that than to do it, I rather suspect! In addition, I'm not sure I could kill someone else in order to survive (unless they were an attacker, obviously). For whatever... more
      • Without a second thoughtEurogod, Thu Jan 20 20:29
        I'd kill and eat someone if it meant survival, unless that someone was a child, in which case no. But if you're an adult, and you're there when I need to feast on human flesh, you best not fall... more
        • Perhaps working together to HUNT for meatSiã☀©, Fri Jan 28 00:34
          and keeping the other as a companion & partner to share in the work & protection of one another would ensure your survival longer... At the very least, it would make it more pleasant... (unless it... more
        • In fact, my ethics are probablyEurogod, Thu Jan 20 20:32
          slighter better than aforementioned Catholic Priest, since as I said, I wouldn't harm a child.
    • say one will adhere to societal norms (no eating people).... But when ones indivdiual survival is ACTUALLY dependent on it, I suspect that MOST would do what it took to survive. The simple fact is... more
    • It's just meat.PureStevil, Thu Jan 20 10:39
      Once they're dead it's just meat and bones. However, as finicky as I am about normal food, it'd have to be quite dire circumstances to even consider it. I definitely would not kill them against their ... more
    • Hope I never have to find out. — OldCM, Thu Jan 20 09:46
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