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"...about being too wordy..."
Thu Jan 20, 2011 18:26

* Practice, practice, practice and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite
using the "Preview Message" option to see how it looks;

* Avoid using the same adjectives twice in a row;
* Delete extra words that don't change the meaning;
* Use Cut and Paste to reverse sentence structure;
* Use Cut and Paste to move sentences and paragraphs to
better locations;
* Without getting carried away with the idea, don't be
afraid to use slang or to coin new words or phrases, but
enclose unfamiliar expressions in parentheses;
* Use the online spelling checker to confirm to yourself
that the word you use actually means what you think it does.

  • Cool... thanks...Siã☀©, Wed Jan 19 23:14
    But what to do about being too wordy? Got any tricks in your bag for that little problem? (-; Seriously though, thank you...
    • "...about being too wordy..." — cc, Thu Jan 20 18:26
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