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"They're Made Out Of Meat"
Thu Jan 20, 2011 18:39

  • It's just meat.PureStevil, Thu Jan 20 10:39
    Once they're dead it's just meat and bones. However, as finicky as I am about normal food, it'd have to be quite dire circumstances to even consider it. I definitely would not kill them against their ... more
    • Hufu and ManBeefUru Hammer, Fri Jan 21 09:49
    • After seeing Sprout's responsePureStevil, Fri Jan 21 09:04
      if it's down to me and him and I think he might attack me fir..BANG! Now, where'd I put the ketchup?
      • The movie Van Helsing.... Igor is busy torturing the werewolf... Dracula asks him why and he says it is his nature... Dracula the reminds him "Do unto others....." And Igor interrupts, "Before they... more
    • "They're Made Out Of Meat" — cc, Thu Jan 20 18:39
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