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In fact, my ethics are probably
Thu Jan 20, 2011 20:32

slighter better than aforementioned Catholic Priest, since as I said, I wouldn't harm a child.

  • Without a second thoughtEurogod, Thu Jan 20 20:29
    I'd kill and eat someone if it meant survival, unless that someone was a child, in which case no. But if you're an adult, and you're there when I need to feast on human flesh, you best not fall... more
    • Perhaps working together to HUNT for meatSiã☀©, Fri Jan 28 00:34
      and keeping the other as a companion & partner to share in the work & protection of one another would ensure your survival longer... At the very least, it would make it more pleasant... (unless it... more
    • In fact, my ethics are probably — Eurogod, Thu Jan 20 20:32
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