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You'd get a lot further if you offered SOME level of
Fri Jan 21, 2011 14:24

rational discourse...

Gun libraries as YOU described them would have done NOTHING to prevent the vent you just described to me. Because the indivdiual had DAYS to go and get a firearm out of a library and use it. And given that the criminal here spent DAYS planning the kill, whether he had guns or not, he had AMPLE time to devise a VARIETY of methods he could ahve used to kill.

The ONLY crimes your proposed libraries prevent are the ones that occur in the heat of the moment.

  • Clean it up US, gun libraries now.jobee, Fri Jan 21 11:31
    Friday, Jan 21 2011 3PM 2C 6PM -1C 5-Day Forecast Boy, 14, shoots his parents dead because he did not want to do chores By Paul Thompson Last updated at 9:26 AM on 27th January 2010 Add to My... more
    • You'd get a lot further if you offered SOME level of — Sprout, Fri Jan 21 14:24
      • Brain not brawn 3jobee, Sat Jan 22 12:23
        Brain will allways beat brawn. Leicester leads the world in the fight agains crime. We will soon give you a stun gun to stop your urge to kill each other. NEWS - PRESS RELEASES Eminent Inventor of... more
      • do nothingjobee, Sat Jan 22 03:56
        So your a do nothing man. Americas full of them.
      • Thickjobee, Sat Jan 22 03:53
        Stop acting thick and pretentious. Kids would not be able to use gun libraries, nor would criminals or local hot heads.
        • So you claim.....Sprout, Mon Jan 24 10:40
          "Local hot heads"? How the heck do you think you will determine whether an indivdiual checking a gun out did or did not get angry within the last few days? Or are you envisioning the police... more
      • Sprout: "You'd get a lot further if you offered SOME level of rational discourse..." yup. jobee comes across (to me at anyrate) as some kind of under-cover salesperson for home security systems.
        • Why?jobee, Sun Jan 23 11:56
          Why do you need adverts to get home security?
          • I have home security.....Sprout, Tue Jan 25 19:52
            It is a 12 guage shotgun... Much less costly than all that fancy electronics, more reliable, and there is no monitoring fee. And it deals with an intruder immediately, rather than just making noise... more
            • I like a shotgun because it has little penetration.David F Mayer, Sat Jan 29 21:13
              If you hit the guy, all of the pellets are going to stay IN him. If you miss, your walls will stop the pellets. In either case, the pellets will not go through him and kill your next door neighbor.... more
              • Indeed....Sprout, Tue Feb 1 20:21
                A basic 12guage pump is just about idea. No overpenetration, some shot spread aiding in 2AM marksmanship limitations... And there have been many many incidents where just the sound of a homeowner... more
        • yak yakjobee, Sat Jan 22 16:21
          Most Americans dont own guns, millions never use guns. Proof that guns are not needed. -
        • Yak, yak,yakjobee, Sat Jan 22 12:28
          You strike me as some rather stupid, do nothing, yak, yak, yak, man. If the cap fits, wear it.
        • Somewhat deranged salesman...Sprout, Fri Jan 21 21:10
          As, on at least one occaision the link he/she presented supposedly in support of a claim that home security systems and other equipment is all one needs turned out to be a link to poetry...
          • Re: Somewhat deranged salesman...quentin, Fri Jan 21 21:46
            kinda weird - that site seems to be dedicated to rugby. if you scroll down, there's a poster named 'BJ' who claims jobee is posting poetry all over another site as well. i think jobee has gotten just ... more
            • Kinder-cowboyjobee, Sun Jan 23 12:02
              Poetry is much better than shooting people. goodbye cowboy
            • well i guess its true to some degreequentin, Fri Jan 21 22:32
              i googled jobees ip address and found this. i dislike posting something without backing it up. so enough time spent on this... more
              • Whats you point?jobee, Sat Jan 22 04:00
                I wrote this too. Rage Shout! Shout! then shout some more, as men strive to settle score, two faced Tooly elbows in, departing from his rubbish bin. Claiming style, panache, dash, then churning out... more
                • thats my question of youquentin, Sat Jan 22 15:53
                  i have no clue what your poetry link has to do with your post on guns. the site you linked to isnt even about your topic - it looks like its a rugby website to boot, so no help there in trying to... more
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