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Re: Somewhat deranged salesman...
Fri Jan 21, 2011 21:46

kinda weird - that site seems to be dedicated to rugby.

if you scroll down, there's a poster named 'BJ' who claims jobee is posting poetry all over another site as well.

i think jobee has gotten just about all the attention from me that s/he is going to get.

  • Somewhat deranged salesman...Sprout, Fri Jan 21 21:10
    As, on at least one occaision the link he/she presented supposedly in support of a claim that home security systems and other equipment is all one needs turned out to be a link to poetry...
    • Re: Somewhat deranged salesman... — quentin, Fri Jan 21 21:46
      • Kinder-cowboyjobee, Sun Jan 23 12:02
        Poetry is much better than shooting people. goodbye cowboy
      • well i guess its true to some degreequentin, Fri Jan 21 22:32
        i googled jobees ip address and found this. i dislike posting something without backing it up. so enough time spent on this... more
        • Whats you point?jobee, Sat Jan 22 04:00
          I wrote this too. Rage Shout! Shout! then shout some more, as men strive to settle score, two faced Tooly elbows in, departing from his rubbish bin. Claiming style, panache, dash, then churning out... more
          • thats my question of youquentin, Sat Jan 22 15:53
            i have no clue what your poetry link has to do with your post on guns. the site you linked to isnt even about your topic - it looks like its a rugby website to boot, so no help there in trying to... more
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