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well, lets see
Sun Jan 23, 2011 00:38

using your article as a reference:

Among SI's revelations:

"In the late 1990s, according to a source with knowledge of the government's investigation of Armstrong, the Texan gained access to a drug, in clinical trial, called HemAssist. . . ."

(my comment: SI does not identify the 'source')

"In 1999, USA Cycling sent a formal request to Catlin for past test results -- specifically, testosterone-epitestosterone ratios -- for a cyclist identified only by his drug-testing code numbers. A source with knowledge of the request says that the cyclist was Armstrong."

(my comment: again, what source?)

as to Armstrong's accusers:

we have floyd landis & stephen swart. they tell stories, but need to back up their claims.

we also have the italian police/custom officials who found evidence linking armstrong's team to ferrari, but there is no mention of evidence directly linking armstrong individually. he could be involved, or this could be a case of guilt by association. i cant tell from the article one way or the other.

don catlin's info is puzzling. he needs to be pinned down.

so, using the article as evidence to convict armstrong, right now, there isnt enough.

i have no problems with them investigating armstrong. if he is indeed guilty, he should be held accountable. but it is a serious charge, and prudence should guide the investigators (amidst other things).

whatever the final results are, let the chips fall where they may - innocent, guilty, or insufficient evidence to convict.

  • AN unidentified source, suregreenman, Sat Jan 22 23:17
    But these are several and identified, according to what I'm reading...are they all out to get him?
    • well, lets see — quentin, Sun Jan 23 00:38
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