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Harder to repeal than to pass....
Mon Jan 24, 2011 20:39

Especially when courts deem laws to be "unenforceable"... they hang around, but are meaningless...

Such as the Texas rustling example... There may still be a law on the books that says cattle rustling is a hanging offense, but since Texas doesn't hang anyone, and cattle rustling is not a capital offense anymore in the penal code, the law is meaningless.

But who is going to put the time, effort, and MONEY into removing such meaningless laws? Is that a WISE use of tax dollars? Probably not.

Now, I would love to have a system where the books are automatically purged of ALL laws more than 25 years old. If the legislature likes a law they shoudl have to pass it all over again on its own merits AT LEAST once every 25 years.

  • But the strangest thing of all...Truthteller, Mon Jan 24 18:07
    is WHY this stuff stays on the books!
    • Harder to repeal than to pass.... — Sprout, Mon Jan 24 20:39
    • That is why I want ALL laws repealed & replaced.David F Mayer, Mon Jan 24 19:24
      Not anarchy, but rational government, is my goal here. Each and every law "on the books" needs to be analyzed to see if it is: 1. meaningful; 2. clearly stated; 3. reasonable; 4. necessary; 5.... more
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