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So are we.
Tue Jan 25, 2011 13:12

Still here, that is. 80 million gun owners and nearly 300 million civilian firearms, and we're still here. The majority of our gun-related killings are criminals killing other criminals.

I don't care.

Actually, that's not precisely true. I rather approve when that happens...

  • Yepjobee, Mon Jan 24 15:48
    Thats because i was born into a no gun society, and we're still here.
    • So are we. — Poppet, Tue Jan 25 13:12
      • The vast majority of gun murders are by felons, whoDavid F Mayer, Wed Jan 26 14:37
        are not legally permitted to own guns anyhow. Also, a fair portion of gun deaths and injuries are perfectly legal because they are inflicted in self-defense, defense of family, or defense of... more
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